Trace program (group show), FLO Skatepark, Nottingham, 18th – 21st February 2016

With Gino Attwood, Banksy, DeForrest Brown Jr, Joseph Buckley, Harry Burke, Kerry Campbell, Nico Colón, Kate Cooper, Communitas, Michael Crowe, Jon Davies, Hayden Dunham, Ruth Angel Edwards, Rozsa Zita Farkas, Bunny Gamer Lynn Hanna, Sam Hewland, Ashley Holmes, Stewart Home, Richard John Jones, Jake Kent, Beth Kettel, Frank J Miles, Emily Pope, Stefan Sadler, Erica Scourti, School of the Damned, Benjamin Edwin Slinger, Jamie Sterns, Dan Szor

“Trace program featured 32 Artists and contributors across different generations and geographies – regional, national and international. Working between worlds, within and outside of the established structures of contemporary art, they each created their own distinct paths to navigate these systems. The show included Stuart Home’s 1995Art Strike Bed. Kerry Campbell’s ‘SHIT’ and ‘MORE SHIT’ balloons, and some of my mum’s old punk journalism from the early 80s. It took place in a skate park called FLO, which had closed down, fallen into disrepair, then been squatted by a group of local skaters and tun as a community youth project. We used three rooms as well as other sites in and around the building, situating the exhibited works alongside the ever changing graffiti that covered its interior. There was an evening opening event with performances, djs and bar (staffed exclusively by baby boomers receiving pensions, in a tongue-in-cheek attempt to not rely on unpaid labour of younger bar staff unlikely to ever receive a pension themselves). The exhibition was open for free days and nights, and was followed by a week of related events around Nottingham.”

Performed “Me and My friends don’t live here (Haiku 5)” 2016

Works installed:

Honda GX200 generator, rice cooker, JT’s Volkswagen estate, hi vis bin numbers, trolley jack, rib eye steaks.

9x9 (Self-portrait) – laser print, 60cm x 60cm, framed.