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Seminar: Working Title, Black Box Theatre, Oslo, 5th – 6th October 2020

With Marcus Doverud & Else Tunemyr, Las Nietas de Nonó, Timothy George Kelly and Natasha Falkov, Elina Pirinen, Barbara Raes, Lisa Robertson and B.I.T– Bureau of Translation.

“Practice has often been opposed to theory, but the use of the term ‘practice’ in the world of art is often highly abstract and intellectualized. If art has become practice, what does this have to do with thinking, with making, with action, with transformation, with discipline, with repetition, with training, with habit and with performance? Marcus Boon and Gabriel Levine

This is an invitation to an all-weekend seminar to take a closer look at the term artistic practice. We have invited participants and practitioners working across poetry, activism, visual and performing arts...We ask ourselves: Which tools and theories are we using? Which are still not developed? Is practice in art a means to understanding or a narrow path to professionalizing? Does it diminish the works we make or help to situate them? Is art embedded in a world of social practices or in a struggle against them”

Read “What did I do to deserve this?” on night.

Videocall used for viewing details of sculptures.

Works installed:

Hero Crawl Space, 2020 - folded mixed media collage, telescopic flag pole, bottled water sourced locally, LED butterflies, high chair, mixed dimensions.

Documentation (purchased) 2020 – photograph, rice cooker sourced locally, mixed dimensions.