This is house is not a home (group exhibition), Activationphase 3, Lothringer 13 Halle, Munich, 11th – 12th September 2020

Installation with Ruth Angel Edwards.

"For K, Edwards and Gallagher have proposed the dimensions of another space, real and hypothetical, which they will bring to the exhibition as painted bed sheets stitched together. The suggested idealistic function of this space is as a place of reflection; a monument to the successes and failures of the communal living projects that the artists have been a part of and have personally experienced first hand. In addition to this, Gallagher will make reproductions of sad objects that will be tested against the brutal demands of art. He will be casting them in the gallery space on the 11th September with whoever wants to join. They will be starting points for speaking about the complexity of living communally or alternatively against the normative models of domesticity."

Works installed:

Crying onions looking at Art, (Group work four) 2020 - plaster, spray paint, set of 16, mixed dimensions.

bedsheettent, 2020 – bed sheets, re-cycled art works, chairs, rope, found wood. With Ruth Angel Edwards.

Mundane communal house objects, 2020 – acrylic on tent material, mounted on found board, set of 7 mixed dimensions. By Ruth Angel Edwards