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Group show at Le Bourgeois, London, 2nd February - 7th March 2020

One harmless tourist always
wants to be alone as
potted plants sir Landseer
iconic cold glass alongside
air eating sector eyes, till
the building fabric is a common
feudal-style patronage
a hatred of words with its severe rectilinear
death mod curls on a quintessence but
it isn’t like that in real life is it
because real life is a blood clot of lost water
and high brick walls,
battlemented sets out, a safe world
they all go woolly and if you cant
find the secretive sanctuary garden ten yr lost

Performance at closing event "Underneath the Arches: Gilbert and George and Balloon Girl".

Works installed:

Elephant Tusk Pyre, 2020 - Tusks: 40 in total-parcel string, scaffolding foam, newspaper, hand painted moths. Hut-tent: found tarpaulin, found wood, obsolete British fruit machine decals, fibre optic butterflies, 8x4 gloss photos, P&K ceramic pots crying onion face, battery powered purple fairy lights, battery powered portable light, dobby plaster cast by Cole Denyer.

The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living (Domestic Resuscitation box) 2020 - taxidermy canary, glass bottle, belt, perspex, corex, mixed dimensions. With Ruth Angel Edwards and Cole Denyer.

Host Nation (We Are Open/Peace Triangle) 2020 - Laminated floor vinyl, 3 in total 70cm x 70cm. By Cole Denyer.

Street Art 2020 - mounted smashed 49’’ televisions, 3 in total. By Ruth Angel Edwards

Mr. Earthworm, 2020 - foamcore By Cole Denyer.

Thanks to Jacques and Cathy.