Opposition to the Commodity, Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair: The 5th, ICA, London, 7th December 2019, 2pm

“Seven self-publishing artists read and perform their work as a prelude to the 2019 edition of the Artist Self-Publishers’ Fair. Through a series of presentations, artists, writers a nd publishers address radical notions of accessibility and opposition to the commodity. Performers include Ruth Angel Edwards, Adam Gallagher, Emily Pope, Recycling Plastic Inevitable, Oliver Corino, James Whittingham and Angharad Williams.”

Read “Children aren’t rich, their parents are rich.”

During performance I wore costume: A postman on his day off, 2018 - decommissioned postman jacket, shorts, crocs, mini leprechaun top hat fascinator.

Work installed:

Overstuffed plastic A3 art portfolio. 2019 – E.A.R.F pamphlets, crawling skeleton hand, LED butterflies, mix dimensions.